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Or maybe I’m just taking names? Hmmm.

So last night I kind of tricked Tim… I’m sneaky like that. I asked him if he would be interested in going for a run with me when he got home and after some careful consideration he was kind enough to say that yes he would be interested. So around 7pm last night, after he rolled in from doing some volunteer work (imagine how weird I thought it was when I saw “Barberton Pregnancy” on our shared to-do calendars) we laced up our tennis shoes and headed out to the tow path. I waited until the very last minute to delivery the good news to Tim…

The goal for the night’s run was 7 MILES! He was resistant at first and even actually exclaimed that he WOULD NOT go but after a little coaxing we were on our way. Had Tim not agreed to the run I was actually going to try the whole idea of books on tape for my run. Ashley had recommended it a few days ago when she sent me this inspiration text picture…

Photo Aug 21, 3 35 20 PM

She said that she enjoyed listening to Jen Lancaster’s book while she runs and has found that it keeps her engaged and motivated during long runs. I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded the “Overdrive” app on my i-phone and was able to connect to my local library and download “Bright Lights, Big Ass” by Jen Lancaster (clearly Ashley knows me well enough to know how much that title would intrigue me). With an easy click of “download” the book is now on my phone for FREE for the next 14 days.

Thank you Clevenet Library!

Additionally, I keep seeing that commercial where the kid uses his books on tape app on his phone (is it the same app? I have no clue) and he runs to like Moby Dick and stuff. WAY further than my little legs would take me but the commercial is still entertaining nonetheless.

My review of the run- went awesome! It has been MONTHS since I completed my first 7 mile run (which I couldn’t even track because my  phone died so that was a guess) and I was surprised by how good it felt to get out there for a long run. The hardest part for me is just thinking about how long you will be running for. Setting aside over an hour of your day for a run is a long time… it’s not like a 20 or 30 minute run that you don’t really have to mentally prepare for- it’s a long sucker and you have to be in it to win it or not in it at all.

The really nice part of going on a long run with someone else, at least for me, is that I like to keep my pace at a conversationalist pace so Tim and I were able to catch up on our day with each other. Tim started his new job last week and is starting to get acclimated to the work and the people so I really enjoyed hearing about his new co-workers and workload. While it is probably a very fair statement to say that Tim and I understand about 10% of what the other person does on a day to day basis I do think it helps to keeps things interested. I have taken a more active role with my new position on the financial side of the business and have been coming across what would seem to Tim to be very basics questions in my meetings so it’s nice to be able to go home and get all of my answers from him! I think we spent a good 3 miles chatting about the balance sheet haha.

Very exciting right? Be jealous!

At the end of the 7 miles we went for a fast sprint to the car and guess who won?!?


Are you still thinking about me? ME silly.

But I never did warn Tim that we were racing- I just starting sprinting so perhaps he could have caught me.

I guess we’ll never know.

So with my Hal Higdon app on I was able to get a recap of my run and since you can’t really see the entire screen here, my mile breakdown looked like this

  • Mile 1: 11:34 pace
  • Mile 2: 11:15 pace
  • Mile 3: 11:40 pace
  • Mile 4: 11:51 pace
  • Mile 5: 11:56 pace
  • Mile 6: 11:40 pace
  • Mile 7: 11:18 pace

So if you are good at math you would know that we averaged about 11:35 min/mile. And in case you are really observant you will notice that below it actually says I am a REST DAY well good for me for going running anyway.

As if that makes up for all of my slacking lately.

Photo Aug 20, 8 28 21 PM

This weekend the app is suggested I do another 7 and I think I may try to make 8 happen. I figure it’s only actually a half of a mile longer than we went yesterday which is only another 5 minutes or so- I can do that right?

Yes of course I can!

Also, I was given (by my running buddy Ashley of course) a really neat little item to hold my keys for me while I run! Check out this little buddy…

Photo Aug 20, 8 38 37 PM

It’s also. Since Tim and I both have push-button starts on our cars we really just need to pull out the little remote control and slip it in this handy holders which tightly connects to my shoe laces! Easy to put on and easy to remove. Easy to put in your purse too.

Off to Crossfit tonight! Hope my legs don’t give out on me.

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I had one very serious workout last night. It looked like this…

  • Tire Flips
  • Ladder in-$-out with squats
  • 50 squats with bands
  • Suicide drills with cones
  • 100 Jump-ropes
  • Side lunges with squats
  • 50 Ropes swings
  • Hurdle runs

Yea, like I said serious. And I was pretty serious about it.


And I wasn’t the only one that was serious about it


The tire flip was probably the most hardcore of the items we did. And apparently that was the small tire so I am just really dreading looking forward to that.


What I can tell you if you want to do this workout/tweak it and complete it is to split up the cardio intense items with some of the less cardio intense and more muscle building items. Mary and I were partners and we made the mistake of going from the cone suicide drills, to the jump ropes, to the ladder, then to the hurdles and then the rope the first round and our lungs were very angry with us. While the tire flips are serious business they don’t kill your lungs (just the rest of your body haha) and the side step lunges are also a break to catch your breath but burn your legs like they are sitting in a very hot fire. The squats as well- will bite every part of your legs but may give you a breather.

Ideally I think it would go in this order (and some suggestions if you don’t have all of the tools)…

  1. Cone suicide drills (you can do this outside with just about anything… just give yourself 5-6 cones to run back and forth to)
  2. Side step lunges (we used round bands around our ankles but you don’t need anything- just step and lunge deep)
  3. 50 rope swings (if you don’t have a big rope- because who would right?) put a weight in your hand (even something heavy in your house) and make sure you are squatting deep and getting that weight over your head for a full range of motion
  4. Hurdle Runs (what you don’t have hurdles??- who doesn’t? haha) if you want to do these at home get pillows from your house- blankets or whatever else you can find- just give yourself something to jump over and get some air)
  5. Squats- we used tubes here as well but you don’t need them- go deep get the most you can out of it
  6. Jump Rope- if you don’t have one of these go get one! They are inexpensive and a great workout- Walmart or Target should have decent ones
  7. Tire Flips- don’t have a tire? Have a car? Than you have a tire. JK. You can just skip this one- nothing beats flipping over a tire.
  8. Ladder in and outs- you really don’t need a ladder to do this one either- it just helps focus. Jump putting your feet together and then jump out pulling your feet apart. Do this about 10 times… again deep squats! Work those quads

And if you look like hell while you are completing this workouts- well then you must be doing something right. I usually don’t like to share pictures of me on here where I look like a serious hot mess but these were too good to pass up!

Jumping rope with Mary!

jump rope

Swinging that rope!

Rope Swings

Christy is rocking this tire flip and looks adorable! How does she do it?!


And even though we all work hard- we are always there to encourage each other Group

and sometimes we even have a little bit of fun!

waving hi

So what did you do for your body this week?!

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I had a KILLER work-out on Tuesday evening. I mean I was seriously a hot sweaty disgusting mess of a girl that evening but I felt pretty damn good afterward!

But before I tell you just how tough I am, I should probably share a funny story about how tough well I’m not.

So I was in the shower on Monday (don’t worry this story is not at all the type it sounds like to start) and Tim was messing with me. You know like messing with the certain while I was trying to shower to just be a pest.Well I quickly realized that I could catch him in this sneaky ways by looking at his reflection through the clock on the wall when he was coming. So after I catching him, oh I don’t know 1 million times, I said “you know I can see your reflection”.

Well he is wise beyond his years.

So he turned off the lights.

I have NO CLUE what happened in that moment but it was like every scary movie I have ever seen where the girl gets attacked in the shower when the lights go off came flashing through my mind. Insert clue here: I just saw that “Candyman” was on the TV guide when we were flipping through the night before which is the movie that freaks me out the most since my older cousins thought it would be OK that I watched it when I was 7.

Well that darkness combined with the fact that I was in the shower literally made me go into this severe frenzy where I proceeded to scream loudly which eventually led to me curling on the floor in the shower crying.

Yes. Curled up like a cat, crying in the shower.

Super tough right? Needless to say I DID NOT get a picture of this and Tim felt terrible assuming he just found some deep dark childhood secret. Turns out, I’m just not always very tough.

But sometimes I am! So this workout on Tuesday was AMAZING.

It looked like this (which I completed with Kari, Chris, and Michelle)…

  • 1 mile run warm-up
  • 30 toes to head
  • 30 dips
  • 90 jump-ropes
  • 30 push-ups
  • 30 burpees
  • 30 box jumps
  • 15 Thrusters
  • 15 push press
  • 15 dip-drives
  • 5 Wall climbs

Total workout time (including run and cool down): 1 hour

This was just what I needed after a seriously busy weekend eating my way through life during Kara and I’s girls weekend in Chicago! This workout took me 36 minutes and 36 seconds. A tough but wonderful 36:36 I spent on a Tuesday evening. When I got home that evening I pretty much wanted to eat everything in the house which is always a sign of a good workout.

Speaking of good workout signs- did you know that you can tell if you had a really great workout from your belly? If your belly is cold is means you had a good workout. My friend Mary (blogs over at Fervent Foodie) told me that once. And I trust Mary and Livestrong and I did find an article about this on the Livestrong website.

Great job to the ladies in CrossFit class! We killed it!