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I love reading other people’s blogs for so many reasons. Some blogs I love reading because they are always so positive and it serves as a reminder that life is beautiful and wonderful and that even when things seem hard, you can come out on top. Other blogs I read for fitness or nutrition reasons. And I even love blogs that just get real. Those that talk about the tough stuff. The people that experience pain and share it with others and connect with people they have never met. So for me, I try to do a little bit of both. My life is crazy and sometimes so out of control with fun I can’t help but share. And then sometimes, life throws me a curve ball that hits me right in my gut and makes me buckle to my knees.

Now that is the kind of emotion that I experienced a few weeks ago. And while I believe that even those that write blogs exposed on the internet deserve the privacy they want and deserve I feel like the only way to share this with you, in the way that I do, is to just put it out there.

Tim and I got home from Mexico and within 2 days we were sitting in his Dad’s living room getting some news that one of the most important and influential women in my life was sick. And getting sicker. We cried. A lot. And then we picked ourselves off the floor and decided to make the most out of our days with her, which we thought, at the time, was more like months.

I should also insert here that while this woman was not the Grandmother I was born with, she became mine the first time I met her which happened to be when she allowed her oldest grandson to bring his girlfriend of a few months to Florida to spend Spring Break with them. There was something about her smile that pulled me in. She hugged me like she had known me for years, cooked my favorite breakfast because she wanted to ensure that I felt welcomed (as if she hadn’t already let me into her home for an entire week) and 8 years later she inspired me to be a better woman, a stronger woman, a woman that lived and died with honor, grace, and courage.

You may not have ever met her but trust me you knew her. Close your eyes really tight think about a smile that lights up the room. A hug that makes you feel safe. Loved. Welcomed. Love that fills you so completely that if it was all you ever had you, it would always be enough. See? Told you that you knew her and no doubt that you love her.

So only a few short weeks after we got back from Mexico, we were celebrating that wonderful woman’s life surrounded by family that supports and loves one another in ways that so many families only dream of. A family that knows the meaning of support. A family that holds hands. Hugs. Dries tears after they have shared them. A family that was led by a woman who taught them everything they now live every single day. And while the celebration of her life made our hearts ache we were thankful for the time we spent with her days before she passed. We looked through photo albums, we laughed, sipped champagne, ate chocolate, held hands, and we hugged tightly. That part was easy. The letting go part only days later was hard.

I feel like I could go on and on about Ruth, our beautiful “Nema” who was the brightest light that had ever shined. And now, she can be the sun that shines on the world when they need it most. I miss her. Every single day. It makes me sad to think that I can’t hug her tomorrow. But, with my husband, we are finding peace in knowing that she is with us always now. In our hearts, in our minds, and watching over us to ensure that our lives are as filled and lived as hers was. Not having her here on earth is hard but knowing she is in a better place, a place that allows her to be with each and every one of us as long as we keep our hearts open to it, makes me feel safe. Loved. Full.

And makes me so proud to have been a part of her. And grateful that she was and always will be a part of me too.





Here I am!!!!!


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WOW! I cannot believe how fast the last month has gone… which is obviously apparent by the fact that I have not posted since the end of the September. While I am VERY sorry that I have been a bit MIA since the end of the September I can assure you that it is for good reason. Since I lasted posted Tim and I have been to Mexico and back to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, I got promoted at work and have been working on figuring out my new role which is great news and on the complete opposite end of the spectrum we very unfortunately lost Tim’s grandmother to a hard fought battle with cancer.

So yes, like I said, very good reasons I have been missing for a bit. So considering all that has been going on over the course of about 5 weeks I know I need to prioritize my post so here is my schedule for the next week or so.

#1: Tribute to Grandma

#2: Mexico Recap

#3: Running Analysis Recap

#4: New “Vegetarian” Recipes

#5: Winter Fitness Plans

So stay tuned for some updates! Some very sad and some very exciting but you know how I roll… honest and truthful all of the time. And as always, thanks for reading and for sticking around after my absence!





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I love the word deliciousness b/c sometimes I just can’t describe food in any other way. I L.O.V.E. food and while I have always loved to eat food, the preparation hasn’t always been in my top 5 favorite things to do but it’s starting to make its way there. So when I prepare things that I think are well deliciousness I figure it is a good idea to share right?! 

So with that being said, I wanted to share a dinner I had that incorporated nachos. That’s right nachos. But what is a crossfit, running, and hopeful healthy eater doing eating nachos? Well, answer is simple.

I made them out of zucchini.

Recipe originally adapted from here.  

It’s actually a REALLY simple recipe. You just have to slice up zucchini, grill it, and then top it with all of your favorite nacho ingredients. In my case that meant black beans, avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, and of course some cheese. 

So I first just sliced up my zucchinis and I cooked them on foil because I figured they would just stick to my grill (I used an outdoor girl)


So while those were cooking for about 3-4 minutes on each side, I was mixing up my toppings!! I could have just ate this with a spoon, check it out!


Need a closer look! This was so simple! Some black beans, tomatoes, avocado, lime, cilantro, and some green onion. You can change this to include ANYTHING you want to put on top of these nachos! 


Take the zucchini it out top then with cheese (I put them cheese on while they were still on the grill but I don’t recommend doing it that way- it was a mess and unnecessary) and then top with your deliciousness toppings. And then your NACHOS turn out looking like this and tasting DELICIOUS.

Photo Sep 04, 7 15 34 PM

I ate these next to a salmon burger that my cousin introduced me to from Giant Eagle. These are so great to have around and in this case, since I was eating alone while Tim was out, it was a perfect meal choice!